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S o u t h  A m e r i c a : P e o p l e  And  C u l t u r e

south america cultural norms

» The heart of understanding the South American culture as it has developed in the Americas is to understand it from it's roots. Unlike so many other descendants of other races that have come to the Americas and lost the essence of their origins, the Hispanic Americans have not. Many of the people we encounter see us as one people, but we are not.

Many of the people we encounter can not define the differences in our ways and cultures.

The Hispanic culture has integrated into the societies where it has found itself and melded with those people. Yet at the same time the Hispanics have hung on to their language and their culture. They have passed on the Hispanic culture to their children and grandchildren. Hispanic Americans have told their children the stories of the way things used to be and where their forefathers came from.

» The South American of today still hold and honor the ways of the elders. The culture we have is very much rooted in the ways of the past. Their are wars still being fought by the Indigenous people against those that would see as invaders. Their are other areas that have embraced and accepted with pride the foundation of the forefathers of the First Nations. In some countries in the Hispanic Culture the stigmata of skin color marking a person as good or bad still very much exists, where in other areas it is looked upon as a mark of beauty to look as though you were more a child of this continent than of European decent. Many of the worlds famous musicians, designers, writers and artists, to name a few professions, were either from the Hispanic Culture or inspired by it. They are those who took time to get to know the Hispanic Culture inside out or are born to it. I hope that you would get to know the Hispanic Culture for all it's beauty by getting to know the complex heart of the culture. Take the adventure and come visit the lands. If only in dreaming and studying, let the passion and complexity of the Hispanic Culture inspire you as it has so many before.


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