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Travel Tips For Tourists

common travel tips


Kids and toddlers normally need activity, so when traveling with them keep toys with you for make  them busy
Keep in mind that you and your children should be healthy before you start traveling

Tips For Travellers

Traveler must have valid passport and visas.

# Must know the local laws and customs of the countries to which you are traveling.

# Traveler must have two photocopies of a passport identification page. This will ensure and facilitate

# In case of missing the original passport and will act as an alternative.

# Must leave a route map or contact details with your family & friends, so you can be contacted in case     of emergency.

# Don't put down luggage unattended in public areas. Don't take packages from unfamiliar person.

# Don't carry too much amount of money or redundant credit cards.

# If tourist gets into dilemma, contact their respective country consulate.


Tips For Travelling With Your Kids

Traveling with your baby is a bit of a annoying and requires more gear and planning than traveling with your older kids.

# For tots, travel with a small moveable crib that can fit under our legs on public transportation, or on your lap.

# A cozy but warm blanket and toy can make all the difference for traveling brood.

# On a travel trip take our own car seats. Because it is quite handy for keeping babies in one place in the  where you are staying and especially when they fell asleep.

# Travel with cloth diapers for when traveling with babies. Disposable diapers can be very expensive in developing countries

# Baby clothing is to make it simple and keep that to the minimum, for both you and baby.

# Kids and toddlers normally need activity, so when traveling with them keep toys with you for make  them busy.


Health Tips For Travelling

A small, simple medical kit put together with special thought for children's illness is a prudent item to take.

# Ensure that you know the suitable children's dose of any medicines you are carrying, and that they are in fact appropriate for kids.

# Incase of antibiotics take only the suggested dose at the prescribed intervals and go on using the antibiotic for the prescribed period.

# Keep in mind that you and your children should be healthy before you start traveling.

# While traveling the you must possess the prescribed letter or authorized documentation for legally use the medication, because in many countries the usage of drugs without legal documentation is illegal or even banned without a prescription.

# Beside antibiotics or other drugs there are some simple medical kit which traveler should keep; Antiseptic (like Dettol or Betadine), mercurochrome and antibiotic powder or similar "dry" spray - for cuts and grazes. Calamine lotion - to ease irritation from sunburn, bites or stings. Bandages, band-aids, gauze and cotton wool - for minor injuries. Scissors, tweezers and a thermometer/fever strips - mercury thermometers are prohibited by airlines. Insect repellent, sun block, suntan lotion, Chap Stick - check that it is suitable for children's skin. Worm treatment, lice shampoo, and anti-fungal powder for treatment of minor but irritating health problems. Water purification tablets. Diaper rash cream, teething gel - for predictable ailments.

# Get yourself and your family members vaccinated. Vaccinations provide protection against diseases you might meet along the way. Some of the important vaccinations for are Smallpox, Cholera, Tetanus & Diphtheria, Typhoid, Infectious Hepatitis, Yellow Fever, Meningitis and Tuberculosis.


Common Travel Tips

If travel leaves you exhausted, maybe it's time for an outlook check! Some things will certainly not go the way you intended but if you pay concentration, it's easy to take pleasure in things you didn't even sketch for. The most important thing to take when you travel is a good attitude. Choose your luggage carefully.

# What to pack in your hand bag are

» Tickets
» Medications
» Camera & film
» Itinerary
» Extra glasses
» Sunglasses
» Address book
» Valuable jewelry
» Snacks
» Change of underwear
» Reading material
» Basic toiletries/make-up
» Wallet with cash & minimum number
   of credit & other cards


- Wish You Happy, Healthy And Safe Travelling -


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